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November 1, 2011
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Secrets and Confession by alexandramanukyan Secrets and Confession by alexandramanukyan
'Secrets and Confession', 24"x24" oil on canvas, 2011 by Alexandra Manukyan

Equal parts sinner and saint she has known both mankind's highest ideals and basest scorn. He gazes upon his confessor in search of absolution knowing that true salvation lies not with Heaven's mercy but with a kindred acceptance of his secrets and failings from someone who has also fallen from grace time and again.
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DanielCostaFilho Apr 2, 2014  New member Professional Traditional Artist
Nevertheless, It's not a case of a corrupt contract established between those two.
Cos' I can still only give credit to your narrative If the conclusion is once more wagnerian, that is, If the conclusion leads to another romantic narrative.
That is, If it leads to an actual contract in love.
You say that "true salvation lies not with heaven's mercy", and you imediately justify the Plan B,
But in the look of their eyes I see not resignation, I see the opposite, I see epiphany and adoration (sometimes sexual) by his part, and I see controled and all powerful lust by her part.
Which means, visually at least, that they both sustain a scene of delight, not anything that could aproach the realms of penance.
The likes of Saint Augustin would promptly burn a picture like this,
cos' HIS solution to the problem is the complete opposite,
too insatisfactory.
Even more in his case in particular, when he lived in intense debauchery for his first thirty years of life.
What's to come from such a nature, that's forced to deny just that in which he praises the best delight of life in the name of something that STILL has yet no name at all!
What I'm trying to say is that your narrative is romantic to me.
But It's sexual in It's romanticism,
which is a great and rare accomplishment.
We must be allways grateful for those likes of people that had to pave the way for us to walk through It with such apparent freewill.
Anyway, I've looked all your other work here and I can say the same of the rest:
Allways afirmative you are!
Whole lots of fire,
beautiful garments,
wonderfull chiaroscuro,
powerfull expression on the figures,
and etc...
That is, high level of art.
Your art is awesome.
Dcante Aug 15, 2013  Student General Artist
strong work
Very beautiful.
You are very welcome.
Wow Really love your work and the detail
Amazing work...:clap:
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